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International Coalition of College Philanthropists Joins Concerts for a Cure in funding a new business opportunity for the 2,000 residents of the Ghanaian Village of Blekusu.

In the town of Blekusu, 2,000 people lost their main means of support and food because of a tidal wave and subsequent devastating flooding in the last three months. The villagers are mostly fishermen; but because of the violent seas, fish have migrated to another area and have further devasted the villagers, who now have no source of income or livelihoods.

After much research into the region, the ICCP in cooperation with CFC are funding a salt mining business in Blekusu—a new way for the residents to make their own livings. The initial step is to rent a store house and hire 80 people to start mining salt. The salt will then be sold at market places across the Volta region and the funds will serve the village of 2,000.

The funding steps are as follows:

Renting of land
Purchase of clay for leveling the site
Purchase of Coconut (tree) branches for fencing
Purchase of wood for fencing
Thatch for roofing the salt (for protection from weather)
Workmanship (for leveling, fencing and roofing)
Workmanship (for carting/conveying salt to site)

The salt mining business will create a sustainable livelihood serving the 2,000 inhabitants of Blekusu.

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